Avatar 6  


2017, oil and acrylic on canvas  

90/90 cm

The social media profile picture or avatar is a visual signature of ones activity on the internet. People tend to do awkward collages for their profile pictures which can be seen as their alter ego. I combined the traditional medium of oil painting with the aesthetic of virtual avatars to create avatar-paintings. By this way I’m putting the viewer in the role of a psychoanalytic in front of a patient trying to unveil the hidden content behind it.




2018, oil on canvas  

100/92 cm


My Little Doll


2017, oil on canvas  

110/90 cm


Ten Pack 


2017, oil on canvas  

160/110 cm


Finally I Get Rid of Them


2017, oil on canvas  

60/85 cm




2018, oil on canvas  

60/160 cm

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