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How Many Times

Social Reform 


2011, metal coins, 35 BVL, 20 x 10 x 10 cm

From January 1st 2009, children's monthly allowances will increase by 40%, and rather than the previous 25 BGN, parents will receive child allowance in the amount of 35 BGN. Families, in which the income of each member of the family does not exceed 350 BGN will qualify for these allowances, up until the time when the child reaches 18 years of age. From January 1st 2009 the minimum wage will reach 240 BGN, rather than the previous 220 BGN. Maternity leave will become 410 days, rather than the previous 315 days, I.e. paid maternity leave will be one year instead of the previous nine months, during which time women will receive 90% of their salary on which they have been paying social security and health insurance for the last one year. After the 12 months leave, until the child reaches the age of 2, the mother will continue to receive compensation of 240 BGN, equivalent of the minimum wage. 

How Many Times

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