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How Many Times

You Take My Breath Away 


2014, polystyren plates, 200 x 180 cm

Ed: 3+1 Ap

Because of the capitalistic constant demand for high profit the humanity developed and uses unsustainable products. Products that are “made to brake”. The manufacturing of non-disposable products derived from petroleum and coal are one of the main reasons for the high-rising levels of CO2 and thus enhancing the “green house effect”. The manufacturing process of polystyrene is the fifth largest creator of hazardous waste on the planet. Despite these facts we are still massively using polystyrene plates as isolation materials for houses and buildings.

I create the sentence “You take my breath away” out of polystyrene plates regarding to the temporary solutions which are simplifying our way of living in a short term, but in the same time causing a long lasting consequences.

How Many Times

How Many Times

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